Methods of iTeach

So what happens when you have nine instructional designers who are tasked with developing curriculum to help UAF faculty develop online courses? What happens is that you see a variety of techniques in which content is presented, activities are practiced and the faculty reflect upon. Our most recent iTeach was presented in a period […]

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Curation on Facilitating and Moderating Online Discussions

Recently I lead a discussion on leading discussions in the online realm. I provided the group participants from iTeach a few web resources and articles that touched on some important aspects of effective and necessary moderation tasks.
This lengthy article gives great detail to the number of tasks that a moderator has in creating and […]

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Data from Lab to Cloud

After finishing up my masters project for developing plans for a remote controlled laboratory demonstrating the Faraday Effect, its time to shift from plans into developing a prototype. Recent testing of the RCL concept involves identifying instruments capable of measuring a range of brightness from the laser, as well as being capable of providing […]

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Display iOS Screen on Desktop

Why would you want to display an iOS screen on a desktop?

Perhaps you want to do a side by side comparison of an interface on iOS versus the Desktop version of the same application. Perhaps you want to give a presentation to an overhead display and don’t want to fiddle with cords. In any […]

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Breadcrumbs Function Solved

Finally updated the wordpress multisite hierarchical breadcrumbs function. This includes pages, news feeds, posts, and category archives. The plugin authors were too slow in getting changes out.

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MySQL 5.1.49

5.1.49 is out. The changes are listed here:

I do not deem this a critical but will get to it when time permits.

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Roxen Redirects

Figured out how to do it for single pages. OIT has not responded to my ticket. I told them to close it.

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Victory over Internet Explorer

I have managed to get the resize script woking properly in Internet Explorer. IE does not adhere to the standard DOM event of element.addEventListener instead, it uses element.attachEvent, mostly the same thing, except a bit less handy, and of course, it behaves differently than every other browser.

IE browsers account for 30% of the visits […]

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