Victory over Internet Explorer

I have managed to get the resize script woking properly in Internet Explorer. IE does not adhere to the standard DOM event of element.addEventListener instead, it uses element.attachEvent, mostly the same thing, except a bit less handy, and of course, it behaves differently than every other browser.

IE browsers account for 30% of the visits […]

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The Elusive IE Javascript Fix

I’ve been poking at getting IE browsers to properly handle and detect a browser’s window width. This is affecting a third of WERC visitors. I’ve tested it to the point where I know that the script is running on IE clients, but its not quite working correctly. Hopefully this will not take too much […]

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WordPress SEO

SEO = search engine optimization.

In order to make sure that the WERC (and any other future wordpress site) gets indexed and appropriately ranked by Google and other search engines, there are particular things that needed to be addressed.

have H1 tags appear once and more or less match the title of the page
use Description meta […]

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Variable Browser Width

In Developing a within page navigation menu I ran into something which for the time being I am going to let be because, I don’t think it will have a big impact, and this is taking too much time.


This page shows a little browser javascript I wrote to change the css class of a […]

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When the WERC site went live a week or so ago it did not have a proper print.css file. With a reworked print stylesheet people can print pages without seeing mainly the menu and header divs. The content will fill up more of the paper and look better.

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This was a sticking point in for the WERC seminar reservation system. The database web bot / mysql user needs the FILE priv.

GRANT FILE on *.* to ‘werc_seminar_bot’@’localhost’;

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MySQL 5.1.44

This new version is out. I looked at the release notes https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/news-5-1-44.html and determined that none of these issues immediately affect this work or the new WERC website. I am not going to bother with this upgrade until the final rollover to production server.

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Methane Videos

Videos located at https://www.alaska.edu/uaf/cem/ine/walter/videopage.xml
https://www.alaska.edu/uaf/cem/ine/walter/videopage2.xml were having a hard time loading on some computers. Videos were uploaded to YouTube and we do not have this problem anymore.

The text was also cleaned up on these pages and some emails were updated.

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