Testing MediaSite Embeds and Picture Preview

First, this one is from the ASHNHA conference in Anchorage last week: Then there is a generic TeachTip Live from UAF eCampus
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Display iOS Screen on Desktop

Why would you want to display an iOS screen on a desktop?

Perhaps you want to do a side by side comparison of an interface on iOS versus the Desktop version of the same application. Perhaps you want to give a presentation to an overhead display and don’t want to fiddle with cords. In any […]

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AKDEC Updates

Updated to php 5.3.7, MySQL 5.1.58, Apache was already current at 2.2.19 and WordPress sits at 3.2.1.

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QR Codes

I’ve seen these before, and knew the general purpose, but now that I am developing a site that will also cater to mobile users I read up on what QR codes are and what you can do with them.

This ZXing page points to some stored contact information for me.

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