Roxen Redirect Code

<redirect to=”https://ine.uaf.edu/autc/” type=”301″ />

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File Upload Limit

I’m working on getting a system for the AUTC people to be able to upload files properly.
I’m taking a guess that 24M should work.

I had to edit /etc/php.ini
and add define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’24MB’); to wp-config.php

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MySQL 5.1.50 and Disk Space

In the process of upgrading to 5.1.50 directly from 5.1.48 on beta.ine.uaf.edu. I ran into some difficulty on that as the machine ran out of disk space. Spent some time talking to Peter about short and long term solutions. A plan is in order.

The actual process of upgrading 5.1.50 went well on the beta […]

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MySQL 5.1.49

5.1.49 is out. The changes are listed here: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/news-5-1-49.html

I do not deem this a critical but will get to it when time permits.

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The Elusive IE Javascript Fix

I’ve been poking at getting IE browsers to properly handle and detect a browser’s window width. This is affecting a third of WERC visitors. I’ve tested it to the point where I know that the script is running on IE clients, but its not quite working correctly. Hopefully this will not take too much […]

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WordPress SEO

SEO = search engine optimization.

In order to make sure that the WERC (and any other future wordpress site) gets indexed and appropriately ranked by Google and other search engines, there are particular things that needed to be addressed.

have H1 tags appear once and more or less match the title of the page
use Description meta […]

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A little LDAP research

I had opened a ticket a while back with OIT and eventually got a response from Daniel LaRoe. He suggested one way to get a listing of INE people via edir.alaska.edu and LDAP was to do an advanced search with this query:

(&(|(uid=*Northern Engineering*)(unitDirectoryHeadings=*Northern Engineering*)(unitAlias=*Northern Engineering*)(unitDisplayName=*Northern Engineering*))(|(ou=routing)(ou=resource)(ou=departments)))

This only produces two records, each which point to […]

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