public/private key generation

This short tutorial will show you how to generate some keys which you can use with openssl/ssh to gain access to machines.

Basically you will create a very strong (by today’s standards) mathematically bound pair of keys which when used in combination ensure trusted communication between two parties.

Which two parties? Your local machine, and a […]

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Witches’ Dance Theme before Recital

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Witches Theme

first time recording, first time playing

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Two Grenadiers 09 September 2020 4th Recording

I’ve memorized the first couple of lines and then resort to sight reading.
A little stumbly on the French part.
I need to work on keeping my wrist straight.

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3rd Time Recording

Things to Work On:

Get to correct pitch faster (relax left hand, slide faster)
Timing seems a little off at first
A little bow bounce in measure 7 from G to A
Measure 32 really scratchy A, let it ring
probably timing in French part
Memorize it so you don’t have to […]

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Rasta Pasta Fasta

Is it working?

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Students Construct

This is completely Optional!

Some of you have access to the Raspberry Pi Computer Boxes with the included sensor devices, breadboard and other parts. If you do, you can follow along and recreate and improve some of these projects. These are optional. At this point in the course, we have not covered some of […]

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ED 486 Playlist

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