public/private key generation

This short tutorial will show you how to generate some keys which you can use with openssl/ssh to gain access to machines.

Basically you will create a very strong (by today’s standards) mathematically bound pair of keys which when used in combination ensure trusted communication between two parties.

Which two parties? Your local machine, and a […]

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Witches Theme

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Two Grenadiers 09 September 2020 4th Recording

I’ve memorized the first couple of lines and then resort to sight reading.
A little stumbly on the French part.
I need to work on keeping my wrist straight.

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3rd Time Recording

Things to Work On:

Get to correct pitch faster (relax left hand, slide faster)
Timing seems a little off at first
A little bow bounce in measure 7 from G to A
Measure 32 really scratchy A, let it ring
probably timing in French part
Memorize it so you don’t have to […]

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