Rasta Pasta Fasta

Is it working?

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ED 486 Playlist

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Loopy Simulator

Feedback systems. Modeling. Programming without code. (Sort of). Check out: https://bit.ly/2n84ede
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Motivating Students

Student Motivation. What Can We Do?

Teaching Tips

Connecting with your field


Motivating students to connect with course content


L. Kester, C. Lehnen, P. W. M. van Gerven, and P. A. Kirschner, Just-in-time, schematic supportive information presentation during cognitive skill acquisition. Comput. Human Behavior, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 93-112, 2006.
Van Der Meij, H. (2007). Goal-Orientation, goal-setting, and goal-driven behavior in minimalist user instructions. IEEE Transactions on […]

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Test Embed from Kaltura

This is Digital Beards #5


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Content Jokes

























































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simple youtube embed

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public/private key generation

This short tutorial will show you how to generate some keys which you can use with openssl/ssh to gain access to machines.

Basically you will create a very strong (by today’s standards) mathematically bound pair of keys which when used in combination ensure trusted communication between two parties.

Which two parties? Your local machine, and a […]

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