Chemistry Interactive Modules Using H5P

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Loopy Simulator

Feedback systems. Modeling. Programming without code. (Sort of). Check out:
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Motivating Students

Student Motivation. What Can We Do?

Teaching Tips

Connecting with your field


Motivating students to connect with course content


L. Kester, C. Lehnen, P. W. M. van Gerven, and P. A. Kirschner, Just-in-time, schematic supportive information presentation during cognitive skill acquisition. Comput. Human Behavior, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 93-112, 2006.
Van Der Meij, H. (2007). Goal-Orientation, goal-setting, and goal-driven behavior in minimalist user instructions. IEEE Transactions on […]

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Test Embed from Kaltura

This is Digital Beards #5

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Content Jokes

























































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The Purpose of Pedagogy Review

I’ve been wanting to curate a research collection that points to effective practices in online instruction. Well, now is the time. In conjunction with an upcoming series of iTeachU Live chat events that I’ll be running from UAF eCampus entitled “What Does the Research Say?”, we’ll need a site to serve as a collection […]

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Instruction without the Text Crutch

Purpose of ‘Moving Beyond Text’

What exactly is wrong with text?
Is your domain knowledge more a capability of performance?
Would you teach someone how to tie their shoes using text?
What is the best way to teach the skill of tying  a bowline knot?
If you do move beyond text, how do you […]

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Explain It Like I’m 5

I’ve referenced this opening skit to The Office in one of my Teaching Tips. Beyond being superb comedy, this is an interesting from a teaching standpoint.

At the end of a content module, no matter what domain knowledge or learning activities students were shepherded through, there has to be some sort of assessment, so both […]

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