Nav Menu Data Location in WordPress 3.2

If one has some nav menu items created from the admin panel like: Where does one find this in the database? mysql> select * from wproot_123_term_taxonomy; +------------------+---------+---------------+-------------+--------+-------+ | term_taxonomy_id | term_id | taxonomy | description | parent | count | +------------------+---------+---------------+-------------+--------+-------+ | [...]
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Introduction to MySQL and WordPress Data Structure

Two resources will be of use as reference here. The documentation for MySQL Community Server and the WordPress Codex. This post is merely a quick introduction to the basic MySQL command line interface and to the table structure of a WordPress install. There are several ways to connect to a MySQL database. End users and [...]
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QR Codes

I’ve seen these before, and knew the general purpose, but now that I am developing a site that will also cater to mobile users I read up on what QR codes are and what you can do with them.

This ZXing page points to some stored contact information for me.

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Wordle as a Soliloquy Comparison Tool

Wordle works chiefly as a word frequency analysis tool. Words used more appear larger. By looking at the resulting wordle graphic one can visualize presumably the important of the words to the speaker, but also get insight into the mindset.

I’ve seen this approach in speech analysis in looking at President Obama’s 2011 State of […]

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Another video test

I think this is a good fun example of critical thinking. This “trailer” refrences several movie cliches, but instead of using direct dialog, they use referential dialog. I did not catch it right away, it’s a little brain jarring but really made me think. Some of the detail, even down to the writing on […]

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Shape file into web friendly image

I am working on a BTOP logo and wanted a coastal outline of Alaska in a Albers Conical Equal Area Projection. Here is a start. Alaska is a very challenging state to map, because of the coastal detail and the long Aleutian island chain. Anyway, this image was derived from a DNR ArcGIS file. If you […]
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Cloud Vimeo

Hector Thunderstorm Project from Murray Fredericks on Vimeo.
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Vimeo Embed

Rochester NY – quick preview of “Iceflow” from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

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