Unique Visitors

Data from Google Analytics on unique visitors to https://www.uaf.edu/water or recently edited pages in the “triage” style pages. The witdh is pixels of screen resolution. Data from screens with the same width but varying heights were combined. This represents all visitors between 21 Sept 2009 and 21 October 2009

2560 3
1920 141
1680 56
1603 1
1600 6
1440 79
1400 3
1366 11
1344 1
1280 122
1257 64
1205 1
1202 1
1170 1
1152 14
1140 1
1024 148
800 13
320 3


Width Visitors
1024 or larger 653
less than 1024 16


97.6% of visitors have a screen width of 1024 pixels or wider. This figure does not include browsers that have Javascript turned off or not installed so there may be a few old pieces of equipment (not having wide screens) being used to visit the site. Then again there are probably some users who chose to visit the site with Javascript disabled, thus being invisible to Google Analytics. These users are probably using new computers.


The new WERC website will be designed for most pages having a minimum width of 900 pixels. This will accommodate most of the visitors to the site. I’m going with something just a bit less than 1024 so users who have screen clutter, docks, funky scroll bars, etc, will still be able to see everything without having a horizontal scroll bar on their browser.

For the front page I am going to use some javascript to determine width and optionally take advantage of even wider screens.