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Dan's background is seasoned by physics and astronomy, public government, teaching, software development and adventure. He's putting his M.Ed. in Online Innovative Design to work building remote control science labs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and lots of other fun courses too!

Sample post with https image

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Sample Post with http image

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embedded media test

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another post me lads

posting posting posting. writing bytes. edited!

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CITE meeting

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Using PollDaddy to generate a poll

I found the feature set of Poll Daddy (polldaddy.com) to be very rich. Even with the free tier level of service there are lots of options. I needed to spend a little time connecting a wordpress.com account to the PollDaddy account and then more time connecting it back to this community.uaf.edu blog.

First I found […]

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HOA Test

HOA v2.2 Link

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